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Dataset Categories

Processing should be painless

Data should be easy to access and smooth to process. We want to make it happen. Data workers should focus on working with data instead on wasting time working on data.

Huge amounts of time are wasted in order to gather, understand and use external raw data. At Hoxn, we want to create the one place to find standardized, documented and high-quality data that you can use and integrate in your projects in a minute!


Data is an asset

Good companies are based on processing internal data. Great companies are thriving because they also integrate external data into their analyses.

Most of your company data can be monetized without risk: you control what is exposed and you benefit from it. All the top companies have integrated data valorization into their business plan.


Quality through community

Hoxn gathers a community of data specialists, people that have worked on data for years, that know the pain points that can drive your projects into development hell and how to avoid it.

Join our community, share your knowledge, develop new tools and make the work around data focused on brain tasks instead of endless cleaning or formatting. Joining the community allows you to share or sell your dataset, peer-review the work of others, and drive the Hoxn development roadmap.