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The Hoxn Community

We’re enabling data to be an asset for everyone

Hoxn Community is a group of engineers, developers, economists and business experts
that enable data to be an asset to everyone. Built by people that have spent years working around data, understanding and processing data and creating value out of it in many companies, our Community aims to deliver the best data, model and advices.

Our first goal is to build the most adequate datasets that can be assessed, reviewed and harmonized along the same principles. Data that can be used anywhere, at anytime and by anyone.

A Community to ensure data quality

Data is one of the most expensive assets to exploit. You need workforce, tools, intelligence and a lot of time, which is itself depending on the quality and effectiveness of the three first dimensions. You can have the best data engineers, scientists and analysts, if they're using the wrong tools or manipulating the wrong data they will still spend countless amounts of time in exploiting and refining this data.

« Quality data beat fancy algorithms »

Hoxn aims directly to give you both. If you shift all the spent time on accessing to quality data towards the thinking and conception of fancy algorithms, you will reach the situation where you get the best of what data science can bring to your business.

Nowadays, data scientists spend most of their time trying to tame the data and increasing its quality, assessing its integrity, removing biases, and so on that in the end they don't have any spare time to spend for a neat and fine-tuned model.

Hoxn Community gathers everyone from the data landscape that have been used to deal with these pain points in order to ensure data quality at any level of the process.

Fact: Top quality data enhances PRODUCTIVITY

Data engineers tend to get to the data cleaning part of the job to let the data scientists perform their R&D part, but experimentation showed that it led to inevitable communication breakdowns between engineers and scientists/analysts, making assumptions and decisions that affect the analysis and leading to serious mistakes in the end, when data engineer truly want to work on what they do best: creating the fittest pipelines to bring the ready-to-use data for the scientists and analysts.

We are here to provide ready-to-use data in many different formats, alongside their carefully written documentation comprehensive for all actors of the data science journey, sufficiently unbiased to let the data scientists and analysts try it out and enhance your business adding these data to their models and analyses, and thoroughly cleaned in order to implement it directly in data engineering pipelines when ready for production.


Our Principles

Hoxn Community members are obsessed by the quality of their dataset. Data is thoroughly assessed and checked before being able to land on Hoxn.
Each dataset is teamed with a carefully written documentation, containing the business story behind the data and its detailed dictionary.
All datasets on Hoxn are normalized in order to perform quick queries and merges between datasets containing identical variables.
Looking for a specific version of the data? An update has made it unusable? All data on Hoxn is versioned and you can get the exact version you need whenever you need it.
The community will constantly update the datasets in order to enhance its quality and insert new datapoints that arose along the way. Everything will be up-to-date on Hoxn.
Hoxn offers the integration of the datasets on all data science formats available. Working solely on JSON data? No worries, just select the format on the dataset page.

A Data Community

Hoxn aims to be the one community that directly gravitates around datasets and algorithms, with companies monetizing their data and make them available for other users and businesses to grow and thrive using it.

Want to LEVERAGE aND monetize your data?
Looking for datasets to improve your business?